What are the new dental implant techniques and technologies?

In recent years, new technologies have made the placement of dental implants and prostheses more and more accessible.

Among other things, these technologies allow maxillofacial surgeons to offer more personalized services to their patients to better meet their needs.

Curious to know how technological advances and new dental implant techniques have contributed to improving this field? Find out in this article.

New technologies that contribute to the improvement of dental implants

Technology is becoming increasingly prominent in dentistry. With new dental implant techniques, maxillofacial surgeons can offer their patients better dental surgery services.

Here are some of the technologies that help maxillofacial surgeons on a daily basis.

3D X-ray, the ally of maxillofacial surgeons

3D X-ray helps maxillofacial surgeons in various aspects of their work.

With this technology, specialists can offer optimal surgical planning and precision during the dental implant process. In fact, 3D X-rays make it possible to determine whether or not the patient needs a bone graft for the implant placement.

This also helps surgeons examine the structure of the sinuses and lower alveolar nerve to decide which type of dental implant would be best.

New dentistry technologies to make implants more accessible

Of course, technological advances in dentistry in general also contribute to the improvement of dental implantology.

Nowadays, even patients with less bone mass in the jaw can receive a dental implant, whereas previously it was much more complex.

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    New dental implant techniques

    As previously mentioned, technological advances have helped dental experts develop different implant techniques. This makes the placement of dental implants a lot more accessible, comfortable and less invasive.

    Here are two new technologies that have become popular in the last few years.

    The All-on-4 technique for dental implants

    The All-on-4 technique is very popular with patients and surgeons because it is not very invasive and makes it possible to place a fixed prosthesis on implants without the need for bone grafts.

    For this type of implant, the maxillofacial surgeon first places four implants in the bone. The fixed prosthesis is then attached to the bone.

    Another big advantage of this technique is that it can be done in one appointment.

    New implant bar manufacturing techniques

    Implant bars have also benefited from new technologies in dentistry.

    Implant bars can now be created in one piece from a block of titanium, without the need for welding. This makes the implant bars stronger and more comfortable for the patient.

    Nowadays, implant bars can be made with zirconia. This material is more compatible with gingival tissue and offers a better restorative solution for implants.

    New technologies for dental implant placement

    In short, the many new technologies and techniques developed in recent years contribute as much to facilitating the work of maxillofacial surgeons as they do to improving the patient experience.

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