What to eat after having wisdom teeth removed

Wisdom tooth removal is a normally straightforward operation. Under local anesthesia, this maxillofacial surgery procedure is also painless and relatively quick.

Despite this, certain precautions must be taken after a tooth extraction, especially when it comes to food. So, what can you eat after having your wisdom teeth extracted?

Our maxillofacial surgeons offer their advice in this article.

What you can eat once your wisdom teeth are extracted

After your wisdom teeth extraction, you will need to adjust your diet accordingly, especially to promote gum healing.

The first 2 to 3 days after the operation

As a general rule, you should only eat cold, liquid foods immediately after wisdom teeth have been extracted.

Choose the following foods to promote healing:

  • Fruit sauce (apples, berries, etc.)
  • Soft or crushed fruit (banana, avocado, etc.)
  • Chocolate mousse or pudding
  • Cold soup
  • Milkshakes or smoothies
  • Frozen yogurt or ice cream

4 to 5 days after the operation

After a few days, patients who have just had their wisdom teeth extracted can begin to reintroduce warmer, softer foods into their diet.

The following foods are good choices:

  • Scrambled, poached or fried eggs
  • Mashed vegetables or potatoes
  • Bread (without crust)
  • Lukewarm soup
  • Soft steamed vegetables
  • Cold cereal, soaked in milk and softened
  • Fish

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    What not to eat after wisdom teeth are removed

    For a variety of reasons, certain products, foods or habits should be avoided after having wisdom teeth extracted.

    These include alcohol and cigarettes, which should be avoided at all costs. Why should they be eliminated? Because these two products slow down the healing process.

    Spices and acidic foods should also be avoided after wisdom teeth have been removed because of their potentially irritating effect on sutured gums.

    Harder foods, such as nuts and candy, are also to be avoided.

    Drinking through a straw after the operation and for the next few days is also not recommended. The suction created when drinking through a straw increases the chances of bleeding gums and could cause alveolitis.

    When can you start to eat normally again?

    Since each tooth extraction is different, there is no way to say exactly how long it will take for the patient to return to a normal diet. In general, however, normal eating can be resumed about 7 to 10 days after extraction.

    Since the speed of healing varies from person to person, the patient should follow the guidelines and recommendations of their maxillofacial surgery clinic.

    Have your wisdom teeth extracted and take a big bite out of life

    There you have it. Now you know what to eat and what to avoid after wisdom teeth have been removed. We hope that these tips will help you adopt a proper post-operative diet according to your surgeon’s instructions.

    Bon appétit!