Why should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

Have you ever wondered why wisdom teeth need to be removed in certain situations? This procedure, often performed in young people, is sometimes necessary to prevent certain more serious dental health problems.

Discover 4 good reasons why having wisdom teeth removed may be recommended by a specialist.

1. Removing wisdom teeth to prevent infection and gum disease

One of the main reasons for removing wisdom teeth is to prevent infections.

Indeed, when wisdom teeth are semi-included (half out), they can create a space between this 3rd molar and the gum. This space allows food residues and bacteria to accumulate.

This can lead to inflammation and infection, causing pain around the wisdom teeth, difficulty opening the mouth and chewing normally. It can also lead to more serious infections in the gum around the wisdom tooth, such as emergency pericoronitis or abscesses.

2. Prevent the development of dental caries

When they are semi-included, wisdom teeth are also more likely to develop cavities. Since their position makes them difficult to access for brushing, maintaining good dental hygiene in this area is almost impossible.

Therefore, it is best to remove wisdom teeth before cavities appear.

3. Remove wisdom teeth due to lack of space or to prevent damage to other teeth

Another reason that may justify the removal of wisdom teeth is the fact that they could cause damage to the surrounding teeth.

It is quite common to find that there is not enough room in the mouth for wisdom teeth to grow freely. In such a case, the wisdom teeth could displace the other teeth by pushing on them. This could cause a periodontal defect, a cavity, damage to the tooth or even a dental malocclusion problem.

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    4. To prevent dental cysts and lesions

    Another problem that can be caused by wisdom teeth is the development of cysts and lesions in the mouth.

    In some situations, wisdom teeth get stuck in the socket where they grow inside the jaw. If this happens, a cyst or lesions may form.

    This could result in damage or even destruction of the jawbone and surrounding tooth structure.

    Where do I go to get my wisdom teeth extracted?

    There are many reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed. This procedure could save you from many oral health problems that could cause you much discomfort.

    Generally speaking, it is recommended to perform this procedure around the age of 16, before the roots of the wisdom teeth are fully formed. However, the extraction can be performed at any age if necessary.

    Wondering where is the best place to have your wisdom teeth removed? A maxillofacial surgery specialist will certainly be able to evaluate your situation.

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