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Why do we remove wisdom teeth?

Do you ever wonder why some people get their wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure that is sometimes necessary to prevent some of the more serious dental health problems.

This article explains why it is sometimes necessary to remove wisdom teeth. You will also learn about the best time to undergo this procedure.

Remove wisdom teeth to prevent infection and gum disease

One of the main reasons to undergo wisdom teeth extraction is to prevent infection.

When wisdom teeth begin to come out, they may remain impacted (partially erupted) because they lack space. A space can therefore be created between the tooth and the gum, which can easily lead to the accumulation of food residue and bacteria.

This can then cause inflammation and infection that leads to pain, difficulty opening the mouth and chewing normally. It can also lead to more serious gum infections, such as pericoronitis or abscesses.

Prevent cavities

Impacted wisdom teeth are more at-risk for cavities. Since their placement makes them difficult to brush, maintaining good dental hygiene in this area is almost impossible.

It is therefore recommended to remove wisdom teeth before cavities appear.

Remove wisdom teeth due to lack of space or to prevent damage to other teeth

Another reason to remove wisdom teeth is that they may cause damage to other teeth.

In fact, it is quite common to have a lack of space in the mouth for wisdom teeth to grow freely. In this case, wisdom teeth could damage the adjacent tooth by pushing on it and cause a periodontal defect, decay or damage to the tooth.

To see if this is the case, a 3D X-ray can be done by a dental health specialist. In general, this should be done around the age of 16, before the roots of the wisdom teeth are fully formed. 

Prevent cysts and lesions

Another problem that can be caused by wisdom teeth is the appearance of cysts and lesions in the mouth.

In some cases, wisdom teeth get stuck in the socket where they grow inside the jaw. If this happens, a cyst or lesions could form.

This could result in damage or even destruction of the jawbone and the structure of the surrounding teeth. 

Where do I go to get wisdom teeth removed?

There are many reasons to have wisdom teeth extracted. This procedure can prevent many oral health problems that could cause a lot of discomfort.

In general, it is recommended to have this procedure performed around the age of 16, before the roots of the wisdom teeth are fully formed. However, extraction can be performed at any age if necessary.

Wondering where you should go to get your wisdom teeth removed? A maxillofacial surgery specialist will be able to assess your situation.

These oral health experts can determine if wisdom tooth extraction is right for you. They will be able to explain the risks and benefits of removing wisdom teeth. They will also be able to perform a 3D X-ray if necessary.

At Clinique Evoro, we always offer quality dental care. We offer a painless wisdom teeth removal service using intravenous sedation.

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