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What is the dental implant procedure?

Dental implants are used to replace one or more missing or broken teeth. This permanent solution not only restores normal chewing function, but also gives you the same feeling and appearance as natural teeth.

How is a dental implant placed and what exactly is the surgical procedure?

Here is more information on the dental implant procedure.

Step 1: A thorough oral exam to prepare you for the dental implant

Before undergoing the procedure, you must make an initial appointment with the dental implant specialist referred by your dentist. During this appointment, the maxillofacial surgeon will conduct a full oral examination to confirm your dentist’s recommended treatment plan.

Based on the observations made during this oral examination, the maxillofacial surgeon will also determine if you need additional treatment to prepare you for dental implant placement. For example, some patients require a bone graft or a zygomatic implant prior to the procedure.

Your surgeon will also offer you various methods to ensure your comfort such as intravenous sedation (And yes! You will have the option to sleep during your dental surgery to reduce your anxiety).

Once this examination is completed, you will be ready for surgery.

Step 2: Dental implant placement

The next step is the dental implant placement. A dental implant acts as an artificial root for the tooth to be replaced. The titanium implant, similar to a screw, is inserted directly into the in the bone of your jaw where the missing tooth was located. The implant will then integrate into the bone of your jaw. This healing period takes between 8 and 10 weeks.

Step 3: Checking the strength of your implant

Once the bone and gum tissue has healed, your surgeon will test your implant by applying a small amount of force. With a success rate of over 96%, this step is painless and requires no anesthesia. The healing abutment will then be replaced so that you can return to your dentist to have your tooth installed!

Step 4: Dental prosthesis fitting

Finally, the last step of the dental implant procedure is to install the single (crown) or multiple (fixed bridge on implants) dental prosthesis.  Dentures are precision-made and used to replace missing teeth. Your dentist may make some adjustments to ensure that the denture is securely attached to the abutment following this initial fitting.

Once the installation of the dental prosthesis is done, you will regain full chewing function and a radiant smile.

A properly placed dental implant will improve your health and well-being

A dental implant placement is therefore a four-step procedure: oral examination by a dental surgeon, implant placement, abutment installation and dental prosthesis fitting.

Although this procedure takes a few months, the results obtained will help improve your physical and psychological health!

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