IV Conscious Sedation: How to Reduce Stress Before Dental Surgery

Dental and maxillofacial surgeries help many people enhance their smile. Procedures such as dental implants, orthognathic surgery and wisdom tooth extraction can benefit patients in a variety of ways.

However, operations can be stressful for some patients, particularly those who have never had surgery before. That’s why most maxillofacial surgeons offer IV sedation, which is also known as conscious sedation.

In this article, the maxillofacial surgeons at Clinique Evoro explain everything you need to know about IV conscious sedation.

How does IV sedation work?

Intravenous sedation involves administering a sedative such as anxiolytic or analgesic medication intravenously. The technique is used to induce a state of deep relaxation during dental and maxillofacial surgery such as wisdom tooth extraction. The patient remains half conscious during the procedure, hence the term “conscious sedation”.

The difference between conscious sedation and local anaesthetic

It’s important to distinguish intravenous sedation from anaesthesia. Sedation is used to reduce stress, not pain. All surgeries require anaesthetic to prevent the patient from feeling anything during the procedure. Therefore, sedation is always used in conjunction with local anaesthetic.

Reducing anxiety and stress with conscious sedation

Many people get nervous about dental surgery. With IV conscious sedation, the patient can be completely relaxed during the procedure while still being alert enough to answer the surgeon’s questions. Furthermore, reducing the patient’s stress levels often improves the surgeon’s efficiency and shortens the amount of time the procedure takes.

The sedation can cause amnesia, so patients often barely remember the procedure at all. They may even feel like the operation only lasted a few moments, all of which helps reduce postoperative stress.

IV sedation and wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth extraction is an operation that many patients want to be sedated for. The procedure is usually performed on young people, some of whom need their wisdom teeth removed urgently, but it can be a scary prospect. Conscious sedation is a good way to reduce fear and anxiety so that patients feel able to undergo this necessary operation.

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    How to prepare for IV sedation

    Are you scheduled to have dental or maxillofacial surgery with conscious sedation? It’s important to know how to prepare to ensure that the sedation works well and your surgery goes smoothly.

    Fast before surgery

    It’s important to fast for 8 hours before surgery, meaning that you can’t eat anything during that time. You are allowed to drink water until 2 hours before the procedure.

    Dress accordingly

    On the day of your surgery, make sure to wear loose-fitting clothing with easy access for the IV and monitor. It will make the surgeon’s job easier and ensure that you stay comfortable and able to breathe freely throughout the procedure.

    Notify your surgeon of any medication you take orally

    If you take any oral medication, it’s important to talk to your maxillofacial surgeon about it to determine whether it’s safe to take on the day of your surgery. Most oral medication can be taken before surgery, but it’s a good idea to check with your surgeon.

    Dental procedures with conscious sedation at Clinique Evoro

    Conscious sedation is used on patients to reduce stress and anxiety during a dental operation. The patient is calmed but remains lucid. IV sedation does not replace local anaesthetic but rather works in conjunction with it.

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